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Winter Safety Tips For Kids

We’ve already covered winter preparation advice for homeowners. Now let’s go over some winter safety tips for kids. Curiosity is a trait all children possess, and while that is definitely not a bad thing, it’s important to teach them about the dangers of the season. We pride ourselves in being a Michigan alarm company that cares about the families we serve.

Sidewalk Safety

Just in case they haven’t already learned about it in chemistry class, show your kids how effective salt is on ice. The salinity decreases the effectiveness of the ice’s slippery surface. Sprinkle salt along all the major walkways around the house and yard. When kids understand this safety tip they will avoid any winter-related accidents.

Dress Warm

Before you let your children run off to play with friends, ask that they wear multiple layers so they can avoid direct exposure to the elements. Take a good look at the type of material to see if it is “wind” and “water” proof. Don’t forget about shielding the face! Scarves and large hats are perfect additions to any winter attire.

Prevent Sickness

‘Tis the season for spreading germs and you can help prevent sickness by giving your kids an extra pair of gloves. It’s also a great idea to give them a pocket-sized bottle of hand sanitizer and some tissues.

Winter safety tips for kids are only beneficial if they are followed. Layer up, keep warm, and stay healthy this winter!

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