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Winter Safety Tips For Homeowners

Homeowners across Michigan have begun their hibernation rituals. The cold weather is here in a big way, so it’s important to revisit some winter safety tips to help ease the transition. Houses can become safeguarded by simply taking some easy-to-implement precautions. Combine that with the peace of mind from our Michigan home security system and you’ve got a winning combination.

Watch the Walkways

Salt the walkaways surrounding your house. Focus on all the entry points of the home and the areas around the vicinity that are frequently visited. Slipping on ice is easily avoided by practicing some common sense. Don’t forget to grab a shovel and clear off the snow from any porches, stoops, or steps. These winter safety tips are necessary to keep things in order.

Look Above

Even though the paths around your home are now clear, don’t neglect the roof and gutters. Icicles can be a beautiful side effect of winter storms, but they can also pose a safety hazard if not properly disposed of. Take the ladder out of the garage and climb up onto the roof. Clear off the excess snow to avoid any collapses that could otherwise occur. This might also be an opportune time to take down all of the Christmas decorations.

Check the Pipes

This harsh weather can wreak havoc on the interior of home as well. It’s important to check all of the exposed piping to ensure that there hasn’t been any unwanted freezing. Replacement piping is an unnecessary expense. Our home security systems are built to withstand Michigan winters and even feature “freeze sensors” that will alert you to any potential damage related to inclement weather.

Hopefully, by following these simple winter safety tips you will avoid any weather-related damage. Get all of these chores out of the way early so there is time to appreciate the natural beauty of the season.

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