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Watchdog Security Prevents Scrapyard Blaze

When considering your choices for a video surveillance company, it’s important to think about just who will be watching over your property. When you implement a scrapyard security system from Watchdog Security, you can rest easier knowing that our highly skilled video monitoring specialists are watching your property, 24/7.

In late September, Watchdog Security was monitoring a client’s scrapyard when a dangerous car fire was detected inside the gated property. The blaze quickly spread and threatened to destroy expensive machinery, but thanks to Watchdog Security’s Virtual Guard system, the local fire department was notified in time to contain the fire.

At Watchdog Security, we don’t just sell scrapyard security systems. Our video surveillance team watches over your property and handles any trouble that may arise. In the case of the aforementioned scrapyard fire, you can watch the whole scene unfold in the video below. Without Watchdog Security’s Virtual Guard Monitoring system in place, the relieved scrapyard owner believed, “the whole place would have been burned down.”

With scrapyard theft on the rise and hazardous environmental situations always a threat, installing a scrapyard security system could be the best decision you make for your company. Make the right choice and allow Watchdog Security to protect your investments.

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