K. Goldberg – Sikora Metals – {Scrapyard Security}

“I have a scrap yard in the Detroit area. Not the best neighborhood so I was very hesitant to get rid of my security guard and replace him with technology. But it was worth every dime and I could not truly run my business the same without it. I’ve been able to prevent at least 1 attempt a week, and due to the clear video footage, the intruders were clearly recognized.”

Janet G. – Franklin, MI – {Home Security}

“I feel so much more secure in my home now that Watchdog Security installed a complete system in my home. I have peace of mind knowing that someone has my best interest in mind.”

C. Garrison – PSC Metals – {Scrapyard Security}

“This has saved us a fortune in guard costs and really allows us to manage our sites and secure our metals and cash. Watchdog Security not only has some of the best cameras that I’ve ever viewed, but the customer service is just as amazing.”

Teresa W. – Inkster, MI – {Home Security}

“Thank you so much for putting a quality system in my home. I now feel comfortable knowing that my home is protected while I am away.”

D. Guz – H&H Metals – {Scrapyard Security}

“I have this system on both my sites and it was the best security investment I have ever made. To know that my yard is secure when I am on and off site eases my mind a lot during the day.”

John C. – Clarkston, MI – {Home Security}

“Watchdog Security provided us with a cost effective CCTV system that exceeded our expectations. The installation was completed in no time and it really amazes us how clear our video is.”

Alan K. – Waterford, MI – {Home Security}

“We are very impressed with the system recommended by Watchdog Security. Our CCTV system has performed flawlessly since the day it was installed and has really provided us an insight into our business operation on a daily basis.”