Mobile Control

accordion1Mobile Control

Monitor the security of your small business from anywhere.

Monitoring Your Small Business Has Never Been Easier

Now, you can stay informed on the safety of your business and employees from any location. Whether you’re making a quick deposit at the bank, or visiting a business convention for a week, the Control System allows for increased mobility while allowing you the peace of mind you deserve.

With mobile control, there’s no need for concern because we can custom fit the features to work with any small business. Easily control all facets of business security from your mobile phone. Lock doors, turn off lights, receive custom system updates, and access the alarm.

With mobile control, you can:

Watchdog Security Small Business Video Monitoring

  • Arm and check the status of your small business security system
  • Receive and view security-related events
  • Disarm and silence your alarm system
  • Multiple account capability for multi-location businesses
  • Bypass doors for unscheduled maintenance or service
  • Control lights remotely, or create schedules to make building look occupied

Mobile Control is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Blackberry, and Android devices. Download the free application in Apple’s iTunes store and the Android Market. Remote Services subscription is required.