Access Control Systems

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Boost productivity with keyless access and activity reports.

Maintain a View of Operations and Boost Productivity

With the access control system in place, small businesses will be well equipped to protect their investment. Imagine having keyless access control for a single location or a business with multiple buildings. What if you were given detailed activity reports on every individual who permeates throughout the premises? This is much more than an automatic door locking system; it’s a complete small business security management tool.

These access control systems are completely user friendly. Even the least technically inclined users can navigate the control system with ease. Because the system is web-based, it’s incredibly easy to understand, and even simpler to access remotely. Small business owners’ busy schedules will be alleviated when security is no longer a troublesome issue.

This access control system is designed to allow for the small business owner to have a top-level view of the day-to-day operations. It allows for easily managing spreadsheets and building reports. Our systems are built to grow and adapt along with the small businesses themselves. Additional access and security measures can be added at anytime.

Watchdog Security Access Control Systems for Small Businesses can help increase the efficiency of daily operations and ensure that productivity skyrockets, all while providing the peace of mind and the safety we are known for.

Our access control systems include:

Watchdog Security Small Business Access Control Systems

  • Activity reports for employee access verification
  • Alarm deactivation with authorized entrance
  • Automatic door unlock during fire alarms
  • Maintain employee profiles in database
  • Multiple door access capability
  • Scheduled control