Small Business Security Systems Catch Thieves in Alabama

Sometimes locking the doors and turning off the lights isn’t enough to ensure the safety of your business. As crime rates rise in Michigan, it’s up to the small business owner to take cautionary measures to keep out burglars. A Laundromat owner in Alabama learned just how valuable a small business security system can be to the value of a business.

A pair of thieves broke into the coin-operated Laundromat, pried open the coin mechanisms of the machines, and stole $55 in change, causing $14,800 in damage. Thanks to security cameras, police were able to identify the suspects’ vehicle and the two thieves were arrested days later.

A small business security system for any Michigan business is the best way to prevent crime and the loss of valuables to your business. Unlike other security services, our Watchdog security systems allow you to examine any situation at your business while you are off the property. Locking up at the end of your business day is only a start on the way to security.

Whether using CCTV and video monitoring or using your own smartphone to remotely view your business, the Watchdog difference is that there is someone always on the lookout. While, the Alabama thieves were caught after the crime, our security system will work to prevent and scare away burglars before the act is even committed.

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