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If You’re Reading This… Who is Watching Over Your Property?

Online PR News – 28-August-2012 – No matter how safe a facility seems, all scrapyards are susceptible to break-ins and theft. Just ask John Freedman, the owner of Joseph Freedman Co, who runs two large scrap metal recycling yards in Massachusetts. Before hiring Watchdog Security, Freedman left the security of his yards in the hands of a non-monitored camera system.

The sites quickly became constant targets for theft. “We had fence line breaks, material going through fences and breaches of security in our interior yards,” recalled Freedman.

Break-ins come with the territory in the scrapyard industry, but in the two months since John Freedman hired Watchdog Security, the security company has managed to stop several attempts. “We had a couple of suspicious people outside of the site and the system worked well,” said Freedman.
With Watchdog’s Virtual Guard Monitoring in place, the Watchdog team was able to alert authorities and keep the perpetrators from trespassing onto Freedman’s facilities.

The Benefits Of Using Watchdog Security

“Watchdog is the only one who provides this kind of service,” Freedman said. “The main difference is that the Watchdog system doesn’t have to be monitored by us retroactively during off hours. It’s watched for us in the event that there is suspicious activity or a security threat… It saves a lot of man hours and investigation.”

Watchdog Security was also able to help prevent a fire from burning down Freedman’s entire property! The yard had been closed for just over six hours on a Saturday, when Watchdog’s operators noticed smoke on site and dispatched the fire department who was able to put out flames before serious damage occurred.

Watchdog Security’s unique service helped this company remain secure and will surely continue to provide excellent monitoring and security services to the Joseph Freedman Co. and your scrapyards.

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