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Scrapyard Security Starts with Attention to Detail

When you trust your scrap recycling facility’s security to our Watchdog Virtual Guard, we GUARANTEE your metal will stay in the yard. We make guarantees because we thought of everything that can happen at a scrap metal yard. It’s important, and necessary, that everything works perfectly EVERY TIME.

With nearly 200 scrap metal yards relying on Watchdog, we make sure our site designs and installation focus on:

Clean, expertly installed hardware, software, and electronics
Accurate on-site measurements and identification of key target areas
Functional lighting which we check twice-weekly
Well-Maintained cameras – we clean them quarterly as part of our agreement
Simulated Break-Ins – before we go LIVE, we test the system and explore every camera and every area
In more than 3 years, we’ve never missed. Never failed. We work EVERY TIME. Watchdog’s Virtual Guard replaces your hired guards, significantly upgrades your cameras and operation management, and will be the last security decision you ever make.

We’re perfect every time because we have to be. We guarantee results, impeccable design and installation, and award-winning customer service once you become our client.

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