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Preventative Plans: Stopping Scrap Metal Theft Before it Happens

It’s no surprise to many in the junkyard community that scrap metal theft has been on the rise in the past few years. While many scrapyard owners have contacted Watchdog Security to take preventative measures, there are many more that just haven’t realized the potential risk their yard faces without a scrapyard security alarm.

Recently in Birmingham, Alabama, the police department caught a man stealing thousands of dollars in locomotive batteries and selling them to other junkyards. The police were able to use LeadsOnline, an online investigation system, to pilfer through a database of transactions to figure out where the batteries came from and whom they were sold too. In the end, the police were able to return the material to their rightful owners and, thus, solve another case of scrap metal theft.

While it’s fantastic to see police officers helping out junkyards, this method of fighting scrap metal theft is only a reactionary measure. Someone steals something, the police use this system to find the material and solve the problem. At Watchdog Security, our scrapyard security alarm systems focus on preventing scrap metal theft before it ever happens. Our state-of-the-art Virtual Guard Monitoring will monitor your junkyard while you’re present at your business and while you’re away.

Alleviate the stressful situation that is reclaiming the scrap that you have already paid for by securing your facilities with a scrapyard security alarm from Watchdog. It’s easy to not worry about the consequences of theft before it happens, but once it does occur, the situation often proves to be a much more complicated equation. The junkyard in Birmingham was lucky to get there material back thanks to the police, but with Watchdog Security, they would have never had to worry about the scrap metal theft in the first place.

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