Prevent the Theft of Your Scrap Metal

In recent years, the theft of valuable scrap metal has been on the rise. Collaborative efforts from police, scrapyard owners, and the community at large to battle and prevent metal theft have been taking place for decades. With recent rises in these incidents, however, economic consequences have been immense. Replacing stolen metal, repairing equipment damage, reimbursing customers, buffering up security systems, and covering your scrapyard’s revenue loss can be extremely expensive.

You can help prevent the theft of your scrap metal by increasing the effort required to steal it. Some commonly stolen metal can be made harder to steal by securing vulnerable products in place or placing a cage surrounding them. You can use protective covers for grounding wire and ensure your perimeter fencing is cut-resistant. Replacing old locks, putting ID marks on targeted metal products, and shutting gates during off hours, and placing warning signs to potential offenders are all measures you can take to deter metal theft.

These tactics alone, however, may be unlikely to reduce your scrap metal theft. Used in conjunction with an efficient scrapyard security system, preventing metal theft can be much more effective. By investing in the Virtual Guard® scrapyard security system, you can save money in the future by eliminating human error when it comes to protecting your property.

Using cutting-edge technology, Virtual Guard® is able to monitor your property 24/7 through efficient surveillance. These cameras can detect fire and human presence, helping you focus on the threats that matter by avoiding false alarms. You can view the entire operation from your own desk, giving you reassurance and peace of mind. You will even have your own personal dispatch center to speak with a security specialist to customize your system. By providing thorough security solutions, Virtual Guard® can ensure the safety of your employees while preventing internal and external theft.

By taking proactive precautions against theft and utilizing an efficient scrapyard security system like Virtual Guard®, you can drastically reduce the rate of theft of your scrap metal. Virtual Guard® offers a 6-12 month ROI that can save you thousands of dollars in the future. If you need to secure your scrapyard better, call Watchdog Security today for more information about Virtual Guard®.

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