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NEW Scrapyard Fire Detection Must See Video

Just How Fast Can We Detect Fire And Theft In Scrapyards?

Watchdog Security has perfected the Ultimate Security System that INSTANTLY detects human movement, smoke and fire BEFORE any theft or damage strikes your business.

Our cutting-edge security system is called “Virtual Guard” and it immediately detects ALL MOVEMENT…

Then Our 24/7 LIVE CALL CENTER Springs Into Action:

  • And Instantly Verifies Activity As Theft Or Fire
  • Immediately Calls The Police Or Fire Department For You
  • Quickly Alerts Your Operations Manager Of The Situation
  • With Watchdog Security’s “Virtual Guard” system you’ll NEVER suffer any more loss from theft or fire in your scrapyard or junkyard 100% guaranteed!

And With Easy Financing The “Ultimate Security System For Scrapyards And Junkyards“ Is One Quick And Simple Phone Call Away

CALL NOW for your FREE site evaluation… You have no obligation of any kind any and we promise you will not be harassed by a salesman.

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