How Your Scrapyard Security System Can Reduce Human Error

Since their commercialization, local scrapyards have been hotbeds for criminal activity. Criminals target scrapyards not only because of their valuable inventory, but also because they are easy to gain access to. Taking this into consideration, owners of scrapyards usually invest heavily in security so that their assets appear to be better protected – be it in the form of a vicious Rottweiler or a sleepy security guard monitoring grainy video feeds. However, many owners soon come to realize that their lackluster security systems are both ineffective in actually protecting their assets, as well as financially inefficient.

Human error plays a major role in standard onsite security monitoring. Time after time, you may catch your hired security watchman tuning into the ballgame, taking a quick power nap at 3 in the morning, or catching up on their mystery novels. Because of this, many thieves and vandals trespass on to your property unnoticed. Understandably, it’s a challenging task for one single security guard to neutralize every possible threat to the assets in your scrapyard, but you shouldn’t have to pay top dollar for mediocre results.

Watchdog Security provides solutions for all of these problems. Overhauling your personal security system can save you copious sums of money. With the advanced technology Watchdog Security offers, from high definition heat sensitive cameras, to the 24/7 personal dispatch, your valuable materials will have the best security money can buy.

We also equip your scrapyard with state-of-the-art video monitoring equipment. The equipment Watchdog Security provides not only differentiates between human movement and common wildlife scurrying about, the equipment also has 24/7 fire monitoring and detection. Once any threat to your property is detected, our personal dispatch center contacts the appropriate local authority to neutralize any possible hazardous situation.

Humans aren’t perfect. The exhausted naked eye in the middle of the night certainly will not be able to provide your scrapyard with the same detection capability as an advanced camera with motion and heat sensors. Investing in Watchdog Security’s advanced solutions will guarantee a return on your investment within 6-12 months, ensure your assets have proper protection, and make sure both you and your employees remain safe.

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