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What to do When Pipes Freeze in Your Home

With the Northeast being been pounded by snow recently, it serves as a reminder that cold weather can cause havoc when pipes freeze in your home. As one of the most common household mishaps during winter, pipes that have a tendency to freeze can easily lead to dangerous conditions. Knowing how to react when pipes […]

Watch Dog Security - Hone Security Systems

Weak Social Media Security Leads to Home Burglary

In the burgeoning digital world that we live in, protection of personal information has never been more important. People have become far too trusting of their so-called “online friends,” when in reality these people could be total strangers. Social media security is sophisticated enough to prevent unwanted access to your account, but it can’t stop […]



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Watch Dog Security - Hone Security Systems

Steps for Home Invasion Prevention

Nothing seems more frightening than a home invasion. Although many of these burglaries can be prevented, people are unsure of the steps that should be taken to keep their homes safe. Installing one of the home security systems in Michigan is an important step to home invasion prevention and ensuring the safety of your home, […]