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Safety Tips For Halloween

You can smell it in the air. The cold, seasonal breeze comes in just as swift as the colors changing on the leaves. The local shrubbery that was once adorned with shades of green has given way to an array of colors that would make even Picasso jealous. The fall season is upon us, and […]

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How To Report A Crime

Do you know what to do if you fall victim to or witness a crime? What are the first steps to take? Would you know how to report a crime? There are several methods when it comes to how to report a crime. Although many people may think the first step in reporting a crime […]

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Remote Home Alarm Access Has Never Been Easier

With Total Connect mobile alarm monitoring from Watchdog Security, full access to your home security system goes wherever you do. We’re all on-the-go and often within arm’s reach of our cell phones. Total Connect mobile control is an innovative way to stay connected to the safety of your home – and your family. Never again […]


How to Choose a Security System That’s Right for You

When choosing from the variety of security systems in Michigan to find which is right for your home or business, there are many things to consider. From the company’s reputation to what you are securing, this guide outlines how to choose a security system that will keep you protected. The Company Choosing a reputable company […]

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Questions to Ask a Michigan Home Security Company

Keeping your residence secure is top priority for both you and your Michigan home security company. So, when choosing an alarm company, there are many things to consider. This list of questions to ask a security company will give you peace of mind and help you make sure you have all of your bases covered. […]

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Spring Home Maintenance and Safety Tips

Spring is just around the corner, and there are many things you can do to get your home ready for the new season and warmer weather. Watchdog Security Spring Home Maintenance and Safety Tips From general spring home maintenance like checking smoke and fire alarms to spring-cleaning and installing a home security system, here are […]

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Step-Up To ADVANCED Home Security

Watchdog Home Security is a leader in home security systems, and our customer service is nationally recognized plus we have the highest possible Better Business Rating! Watchdog Security takes pride in providing customized alarm system solutions that meet your individual needs and wants, and our unique home alarm systems are never cookie-cutter. Cutting-Edge Technology And […]

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Winter Safety Tips For Homeowners

Homeowners across Michigan have begun their hibernation rituals. The cold weather is here in a big way, so it’s important to revisit some winter safety tips to help ease the transition. Houses can become safeguarded by simply taking some easy-to-implement precautions. Combine that with the peace of mind from our Michigan home security system and […]

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Winter Safety Tips For Kids

We’ve already covered winter preparation advice for homeowners. Now let’s go over some winter safety tips for kids. Curiosity is a trait all children possess, and while that is definitely not a bad thing, it’s important to teach them about the dangers of the season. We pride ourselves in being a Michigan alarm company that […]

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Starting A Neighborhood Watch

As vital as home security systems in Michigan are, there are other precautions that can be taken to keep your home and family safe. Many neighborhoods and subdivisions have looked into starting a neighborhood watch program to keep the children and homes in the area safe. If a system like this seems fitting for your […]