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Watchdog Security’s state-of-the-art Virtual Guard Monitoring system continues to be the trusted scrapyard security solution for more than 100 yards across the US. A recent break-in at one of our clients’ facilities in St. Louis shows why. Recently around two in the morning, an intruder was detected in a restricted area of the yard by […]

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Steps for Home Invasion Prevention

Nothing seems more frightening than a home invasion. Although many of these burglaries can be prevented, people are unsure of the steps that should be taken to keep their homes safe. Installing one of the home security systems in Michigan is an important step to home invasion prevention and ensuring the safety of your home, […]


How Your Scrapyard Security System Can Reduce Human Error

Since their commercialization, local scrapyards have been hotbeds for criminal activity. Criminals target scrapyards not only because of their valuable inventory, but also because they are easy to gain access to. Taking this into consideration, owners of scrapyards usually invest heavily in security so that their assets appear to be better protected – be it […]


Prevent the Theft of Your Scrap Metal

In recent years, the theft of valuable scrap metal has been on the rise. Collaborative efforts from police, scrapyard owners, and the community at large to battle and prevent metal theft have been taking place for decades. With recent rises in these incidents, however, economic consequences have been immense. Replacing stolen metal, repairing equipment damage, […]


ISRI 2012 Recap

This year, Watchdog Security was at the annual ISRI convention and exposition in Las Vegas. We joined over 6,000 professionals from over 45 countries, and connected with some of the largest scrap yards in the nation!