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Total Connect Mobile Control

With Total Connect mobile alarm monitoring from Watchdog Security, full access to your home security system goes wherever you do. We’re all on-the-go and often within arm’s reach of our cell phones. Total Connect mobile control is an innovative way to stay connected to the safety of your home – and your family. Never again […]

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Caught Red-Handed

Two Men Arrested and Taken into Police Custody at Local Scrap Yard. A recent client of Watchdog Security has been having recurring theft issues and poor response time from the Detroit Police Department. Watchdog Security decided to take action and hired armed security guards in order to apprehend the criminals. Watchdog was able to coordinate […]

Watch Dog Security - Hone Security Systems

How To Keep Your Home Safe on Halloween

Halloween is quickly approaching and it is important to know how to keep your home safe during the holiday. Every year on Halloween, thousands of homes become prime targets for thieves. Watchdog Security has a few tips on how to keep your home safe from vandals and burglars. When passing out candy to trick-or-treaters, it […]

Watch Dog Security - Hone Security Systems

The Dangers of DIY Alarm Systems

Safety is among the top concerns for most homeowners. Protection of property and family rank higher than most anything. Home alarm systems in Michigan are the logical choice to ensure that all of these assets are kept safe. Many residents would like to install security measures themselves, but Watchdog is here to warn you of […]

Watch Dog Security - Hone Security Systems

5 Fall Safety Tips

Fall is a wonderful season for spending time with family and enjoying the outdoors before it gets too chilly. There are a few precautions you can take to make sure that this season is not only fun, but also safe. Whether you are ensuring your children stay safe with your Michigan home security company this […]

Watch Dog Security - Hone Security Systems

A Home Security Guide to Keep Your Residence Safe

Keeping your home safe and secure is a priority for every family. Other than purchasing home security systems in Michigan, there are several practical ways to ensure that your home is secure. Take a look at the ideas in our home security guide. Know Your Neighbors The first tip in this home security guide is […]


Fire Prevention Tips For The Home

Whether you are living alone or responsible for a whole family, all homeowners are accountable for ensuring that their domicile is safe. There are several different ways to safeguard a home from a potential fire. Michigan fire alarm companies like Watchdog Security take pride in distributing knowledge and quality products that provide peace of mind. […]