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Winter Safety Tips For Kids

We’ve already covered winter preparation advice for homeowners. Now let’s go over some winter safety tips for kids. Curiosity is a trait all children possess, and while that is definitely not a bad thing, it’s important to teach them about the dangers of the season. We pride ourselves in being a Michigan alarm company that […]

Watch Dog Security - Hone Security Systems

Starting A Neighborhood Watch

As vital as home security systems in Michigan are, there are other precautions that can be taken to keep your home and family safe. Many neighborhoods and subdivisions have looked into starting a neighborhood watch program to keep the children and homes in the area safe. If a system like this seems fitting for your […]

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Scrapyard Security Systems Stop Crime And Detect Fire

The Only Security System In The World Designed For Scrapyards You’ve learned the hard way that motion detectors, live guards, electric fences, and poor video-capture HASN’T STOPPED intruders, DETECTED FIRE and internal theft… NEVER WORRY AGAIN IF SOMEONE IS ROBBING YOU: In the past 30 days we’ve successfully rescued over 20 scrapyard facilities from 47 […]

Watch Dog Security - Scrapyard Security Systems

Watchdog Security Sends Thieves Running

Watchdog Security’s innovative scrapyard security system, Virtual Guard, thwarted another would-be thief at a yard in North Carolina recently. When an intruder was detected on the premises after hours, Watchdog quickly alerted authorities and made verbal contact with the suspect over the yard’s P.A. system. The next time the trespasser was picked up on camera […]


We Will Create The Right Surveillance Package To Fit Your Business

There’s always room for improvement in any business. At Watchdog Security, our expansive line of CCTV security system options will help your small business achieve its full potential. Keep a watchful eye on your establishment and your employees with multiple security cameras. Forget bulky VHS tapes. Now you can easily review daily surveillance video with […]

Watch Dog Security - Hone Security Systems

What is Alarm Monitoring? It’s Peace of Mind

The stunning statistic that three out of every four homes in America will be burglarized over the course of the next 20 years is enough for many to seek out some sort of protection. Where does one start? At Watchdog Security, we feel that the starting point is introducing yourself to a home alarm system. […]

Watch Dog Security - Hone Security Systems

Home Fire Alarm

Watchdog Security Takes Your Safety Personally Watchdog Security’s specialty may be security systems, but we’re also a leading Michigan fire alarm company. After all, no residence is truly secure without adequate fire alarms in place. That’s why Watchdog Security has experienced, NICET certified technicians utilizing top-of-the-line equipment to outfit your home with the safest fire […]

Watch Dog Security - Hone Security Systems

Alarming Home Burglary Statistics

Unless you’ve been a burglary victim, it’s easy to take for granted the need for home security. No dwelling can ever be too safe. These startling home burglary statistics may make you think twice about the safety of your residence. For example, did you know that a burglary occurs every 15 seconds in the US? […]

Watch Dog Security - Hone Security Systems

Vacation Home Security

Vacation Home Security: Tips and Information on Security Systems in Michigan With summer quickly coming to a close, and many vacationers preparing to leave their summer homes or cottages, it is important to brush up on vacation home security. Along with security systems in Michigan to keep your vacation home safe, we have a few […]